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With Biodry training you will be able to offer your customers an additional service by helping them solve the problem of rising damp.

In addition, thanks to the Biodry ™ PRO app you can record the measurements made with the GANN,
the hygrometer to measure the moisture level in the walls.

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How does Biodry® work?

1. Capillary rising damp is a constant flow of water molecules that rise through walls in contact with the ground.

2. Damp stains become an aesthetic problem, they are also harmful to health as to the structure of the property.

3. Once Biodry is installed, the water present in the ground is no longer drawn upwards, Biodry reverses the flow of water molecules exploiting a natural physical principle.

4. Thanks to the technology that counteracts moisture, Biodry eliminates the problem of rising damp permanently.

5. Finally the damp stains disappear and the walls become dry again. 100% guaranteed!

Dry walls, forever, thanks to Biodry

Biodry is the device with the only technology in the world that permanently eliminates the problem of rising damp from the home, reversing the flow of water molecules.

Access the FREE online technical training area now

Thousands of people around the world have already chosen Biodry

Technology because it is the only one that eliminates the problem of rising damp on the walls of your property permanently.

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Biodry is certified.

The Biodry device has been certified by several prestigious external companies. The CE certification has been performed by a specialised body and it certifies that Biodry complies with DIRECTIVE 2006/42 / CE.

TUV has also certified the device for safety of electronic materials, devices and equipment. It is certified that Biodry complies with the safety requirements in relation to exposure to electromagnetic fields as established by the EN62233; ICNIRP, 1999/519 / CE, CEI 211-6 standards.

Eliminates rising damp permanently

With Biodry the problem of rising damp no longer exists! It is suitable for any type of building: it stops the rise of water, any water remaining in the wall drops by gravity and dries up definitively.

Guaranteed results

One of our engineers will periodically monitor the correct functioning of the device. In the highly unlikely event of unexpected results over 3 years, we offer a refund of 70%.


No chemicals added and zero electro-smog emissions. The moisture present returns to the ground in an absolutely natural way, favouring the definitive drainage of the walls.

Museums, places of worship, public structures

and private individuals have already chosen Biodry


Municipio di Monte Carasso
Municipio di Lavizzara
Comune di Lodrino
Comune di Acquarosso
Comune di Cevio
Comune di Chiasso
Comune di Curio
Comune di Mesocco
Museo di Blenio e della Lottigna
Patriziato di Colla
Patriziato di Peccia
Patriziato di Comologno
Chiesa Parrocchiale S.Rocco, Claro
Chiesa Santa Croce, Pedrinate
Chiesa di Chiasso
Chiesa di Novazzano
Chieda di Vigera
Parrocchia Cattolica S.Antonio Abate, Gordola
Castello di San Materno, Ascona
Fondazione Torriani, Mendrisio
Fondazione Scolastica Rusca, Gravesano
Condominio Santa Caterina Ex Convento, Lugano
Industria Elettrica Sopracenerina
Associazione cremazioned di Lugano
Casa di Val Bavona
Villetta di Val Leventina
Casale a Locarno
Casetta residenziale, Valle Maggia
Casa privata, Val Colla
Villa d’epoca, Lugano
Villa inizio secolo, Balerna
Vecchio casale, Moraggia
Casa privata, Camignolo
Villetta, Claro
Casa privata, Cadro


Camera dei Deputati, Campo Marzio (RM)
Università La Sapienza (RM)
Comune di Milano CDA Pollini (MI)
Palazzo Gulinelli (FE)
Comune di Bergamo (BG)
Comune di Trezzano Rosa (BG)
Comune di Castelnovo Scrivia (AL)
Comune di Piombino (LI)
Comune di Marene (TV)
Comune di Albizzate sat. Certosa (VA)
Comune di Casirate d’Adda (BG)
Comune di Annone Brianza (BG)
Comune di Collegno Parco Certosa (TO)
Museo della Nobile Contrada dell’Oca (SI)
Museo Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari (MO)
Museo Sala Re Umberto I (MB)
Museo interinale Leonardo da Vinci
Casa del Custode delle Acque (BG)
Museo della Contrada della Selva (SI)
Museo di Archeologia di Cagliari (CA)
La Collegiata di Castiglione Olona (VA)
Chiesa S.Giovanni Battista Martire (LC)
Chiesa SS.Pietro e Paolo, Garzeno (CO)
Chiesa Parrocchiale Sommariva Perno (CN)
Chiesa SS.Pietro e Paolo, Arese (MI)
Chiesa S.Maria Assunta (VI)
Chiesa S.Anna, Mareno di Piave (TV)
Chiesa dell’Annunciazione, Salbertrand (TO)
Chiesa Madonna del Carmine (AV)
Chiesa del Crocifisso, Andria (BAT)
Chiesa Matrice SS.Annunziata, Casarano (LE)
Chiesa S.Antonio da Padova, Nardò (LE)
Chiesa S.Maria Vimodrone (MI)
Chiesa del Gesù, Andria (BAT)
…e molti altri

Czech Republic

Castello Loučeň Mariánské
Albergo Villa Gloria Lázně
Uffici sede AIMA s.r.o. Praha
Casa privata Pištora Ústí nad Labem
Villa Coloniale Contiero Loučeň
Casa privata Contiero Borek


Monastero Cistercense e del Palazzo Complesso di Rudy Raciborskie
Museo Gross-Rosen in Rogoznica
Castello di Malbork
Le basi del vecchio Municipio per la Città di Oswiecim (Auschwitz)
Scuola Elementare Preshool
Complesso 3 in Wodzlaw
Municipio di Katowice
Ufficio Stato Civile
Castello Reale di Varsavia


Villa Storica Beaulieu Sur Mer
Residenza Cap D’Ali
Villa Ile de Cavallo
Casa coloniale, Cannes
Villetta Golf de Speron Bonifacio


Mulino Storico, Londra
Villa coloniale, Dover

Complete your professional training with the GANN moisture indicator.

The Gann Compact B is an electronic structural moisture indicator based on a non-invasive dielectric constant measuring of high frequency measuring method.

The pocket-sized Gann moisture meter is equipped with a digital LCD readout and a ball sensor for non-invasive detection of moisture concentration and distribution of humidity in all kinds of building materials.

Find out more about the digital hygrometer