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Rising damp

The Problem of rising damp, reasons causig it

What does rising damp means?

Capillary rising damp is a problem showing up on walls which are in contact with the ground, at the ground level of buildings the walls of which have not been adequately insulated.

The visible marks of capillary rising are the typical disjunctions of painting and plaster. Observing with more attention one can note the presence of white Salts on points of disjunction.

The unpleasant smell of damp inside the rooms is very often present, less frequently black mould shows up.

Because of lack of impermeabilization the mulecoles of water which are in the ground, penetrate the bricks, which make up the walls, rising up.

The reason why water rise up the walls is connected to a physical phenomenon, in the molecules of water there is a strength called “Adhesive Strength” which keeps them united and tied up together. Furtherly it permits mulecoles of water to “adhere” to other materials. If one observes a drop of water on a glass one can note that it stays still without slide down, it stays still as long as it isn’t too heavy. Filling up a glass with water and observing it against the light, one can note that near the walls of the glass the water does a little curve and rise over its level forming a meniscus.

Every wall absorbs damp in a different way because of the material or the construction technique used, in wall conformation, in fact section of capillars is different for any building materials. The transpirability of lining contributes to rising of the damp and this is why it has to be correctly combined to the kind of wall extant.

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Why rising damp?

Capillary rising damp is a continuous and steady flow of molecules of water which rise from the ground upwards through the wall reaching various heights. Saturating the external upper side of the plasters the damp in contact with the air starts to evaporate dispersing in the environment.

This steady evaporation pour out in the air inside the rooms starting to cause some problems, the increase of damp in the air can cause the formation of mould on clothes, blankets and furnitures.

When damp is high one can also find black mould in the low side of walls. At this point the comfort of living as to regard the heating gets compromised as a damp wall loses its insulation capacity causing considerable loss of heat which increases the heating costs.

Mould on walls starts an even more serious process. As the spores composing it are very volatile, they disperse in the air and being breathed they can cause pathologies not to be disregarded such as colds, allergies or respiratory infections.

In the end there is an aesthetic problem, scaling of painting, pulverization and disjunction of plasters keep on happening after any renovation because of the fact that the rising flow of damp never gets stopped, the Biodry Technology system stops this rising flow permitting walls to dry up and to be definitively renovated.

Does your wall suffer from rising moisture?

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What are the causes of the rising damp?

Less known, but definitely determining and able to amplify the capillary rising in a brick material, is the electrical unbalance which is impressed to the molecule of water.

If one does a measurement of the Electrical Potential on a wall with capillary rising one can note that it is charged as a pile. This phenomenon of electrical unbalance is going on on the wall and it shows up with a difference of the electrical potential which can vary from 50/60 mV to 400/600 mV. This current is higher in the low side of the wall and diminishes going up till arrive to zero.

What causes this current, misured as a difference of electrical potential on walls, are factors naturally existing on the ground or less frequently electro-magnetic waves emitted by external energetical sources.

Stray electric current, anomalies of the magnetic field, the underground flowing of water in stratum are the natural factors.

Catalogued as electro-smog instead there are radio waves, high tension pylon, the underground electrodes, including also domestic plant leakages and electrostatic currents.

The solution

In the case of no satisfactory result over a period of 3 years, we will refund 70% of the sum.

The Problem of rising damp, reasons causig it
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