GANN digital hygrometer

The GANN digital hygrometer is an electronic meter for the humidity of building materials, working on the principle of measuring the high frequency dielectric constant.
With digital LCD indicator and ball probe for the non-destructive localization of moisture in building materials of all kinds as well as for detecting the distribution of moisture in walls, ceilings and floors. Measuring range: 0 – 100 digits.


GANN HYDROMETTE COMPACT B Compact instrument – ​​Gann Compact series Humidity measurement of building materials Humidity of building materials: 0 – 100 digits (scan range) Non-destructive contact moisture meter.


  • Quick and easy to use, pocket-sized moisture indicator for single or series measurements that can be carried out in a flash
  • Ideal device for carrying out preliminary tests, combinable with all carbide devices (CM)
  • Fully automatic compensation of the device
  • No separate electrode holders or cables needed
  • Powered by 9 V battery or rechargeable Ni-Cd battery (special accessory)

What is capillary rising humidity?

Capillary rising humidity is a continuous and constant flow of water molecules that rise from the ground towards the top of the walls at various heights. By saturating the upper external parts of the plasters, the humidity in contact with the air begins to evaporate and disperse into the environment. Biodry is the only technological device that eliminates the problempermanently!

Are you a construction professional?

Are you an Architect? an engineer? a plumber? a surveyor? a Designer, a Real Estate Operator, an Installer, an Electrician or a Professional? Become an expert in resolving rising damp, and offer an exclusive service to your customers thanks to the Biodry device and the GANN digital meter.

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