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Biodry Technology | Soluzione umidità risalita

Device and technology

Is your wall like this?

It usually shows up on lower areas of the walls, where there can be disjunction of plaster and paint or, in more serious cases, mould formations. This appens because the walls, in contact with the ground, absorb the damp. It is like that because capillary rising is a real flow of water rising up which then evaporates from the wall, carrying with it salts existing in the ground and introducing damp in the rooms. More particularly, the symptoms of capillary rising damp are: White salt efflorescences (saltpetre), damp walls to the touch, scaling and paint disjunction, cracks and plaster mouldering, presence of black mould on low area of walls, high humidity in the air with probable mould smell in rooms.


Why water gets absorbed by walls?

The molecules of water have a phisical characteristic, the strength of adhesion, which keeps them tied together and permits them to adhere to others materials, building ones too: almost all materials, except for oily substances, absorb water. Because of electrical interferences present on the ground the molecules get charged electrically and capillary rising gets amplified hundred of times. The Biodry system eliminates the interferences which caused the unbalance on molecules of water (cause of capillary rising and damp). Because of a phisical law two equal and contrary weaves when colliding get nullified. The Biodry device intercept the interferencing waves already present in the house and reflects them equal and contrary nullifing in this way the cause of capillary rising. Usually the wall fully dries up in few months, this gets verified with a series of inspections and misurements done following UNI rules, soon afterwards the device installation until the certification of the dried up wall.

Is your wall suffering of rising damp?

Ask for information on how to solve the problem of rising damp.

Lack of impermeabilization

Lack of adequate impermeabilization in the foundations permits the water to rise inside the walls, reaching sometimes also 2 meters of height. Strength of adhesion of molecules of water, which keeps them tied together, permits it to adhere to other materials, starting the phenomenon of capillarity. This phenomenon, which should come out only on first centimetres on the basis of the wall, rise well beyond that height. The reason why this appens is that the molecule of water gets electrical unbalanced, becoming capable of attract other materials.

Electrical unbalance on walls

There are many causes which can create an electrical unbalance on the molecule of water. Stray electric current, magnetic field, radio waves, high-tension pylons, underground electrodes, electrostatic currents or domestical plant leakage. But the most frequent which is found out in cases of capillary rising is the flowing of water-bearing stratum which generates an electrostatic current underground the house and dispersing on the ground causes a difference of potential between the wall and the ground.

Electrical potential

Between the floor and the upper damp side of the wall a difference of potential generates, which can be measured with electrical instruments. The rising current carries the molecules of water higher than they should rise only because of capillarity.

How BIODRY works?

The working principle of the Biodry technology is simple and is articulated in four stages.

How BIODRY works?

Ask for information on how the Biodry device works.

Step 1

The cause of capillary rising is an electrical interference present in the ground under the house which markedly increase the capillarity capacity of the wall and favours the raising of water.

Step 1

The Biodry device, once installed, intercepts the natural electrical signal and enter the frequency (physical phenomenon named resonance).

Step 3

Biodry reverses the intercepted signal and reflects it equal and contrary (physical phenomenon named push-pull). The two strengths, with equal intensity, but opposite, nullify each other.

Step 4

Once the rise has been stopped, the water still present on the wall goes down because of gravity and definitively dries up. Once this process is ended the plaster can be restored.

Little, but effective.

The Biodry device is suitable for regeneration and restoration interventions, on any type of building: because of its reduced dimensions the Biodry device guarantees an harmonious balance between aestheticis and functionality.


Biodry is certified.

The Biodry device has been certified by different external institutions of prestige. The CE certification has been done by a specialized institution and it certifies that Biodry is in conformity with the 2006/42/CE DIRECTIVE.

The TUV certification is of same importance, as it’s the best institution guaranteeing the safety of electronical materials, devices and equipments. They have certified that Biodry is in conformity with the safety requirements as to electromagnetical field exposure as established by the rule EN62233; ICNIRP, 1999/519/CE, CEI 211-6

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