Biodry permanently eliminates capillary rising damp

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My name is Daniele Tarabini and I am the General Manager of the Wall & Wall Sagl Company, a worldwide producer and distributor of the innovative and totally bio-compatible Biodry device that permanently eliminates capillary rising damp.

Our mission is to present an innovative technology that has as its primary purpose in the improvement of quality of life, a balanced relationship between the environment and human activities, thus favouring eco-sustainability and bio-compatibility, looking with renewed sensitivity to the future of man and his environment.

The last centuries of history have been by far the most destructive towards the environment and mankind towards himself, especially since the advent of the so-called ‘industrial civilisation’.

By nourishing the hope that technology and progress would lead him to achieve high quality levels of life, man instead caused the inevitable and progressive degradation of his environment, transforming the external reality that surrounds him without taking into account the natural laws that they regulate its balance.

Wall & Wall Sagl was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing the buiding sector with  a definitive and completely eco-friendly, and bio-compatible solution to the problem of rising damp, not only for an aesthetic and practical reason, but above all for our health.

Thanks to countless years of research conducted by an expert in the field of biobuilding and in collaboration with Franco Baga with experience in the field of capillary rising damp, Wall & Wall has introduced Biodry to the market. This small-sized device, once applied in the building, reverses the flow of molecules, permanently eliminating the problem of capillary rising damp.

By exploiting this natural physical principle, the system interrupts the interferences created by the underground movement of groundwater thus restoring the original balance to the wall.

The energy used by the device is the same energy with which all living beings coexist. The function of the appliance is to only and exclusively reverse the direction of the water molecules present in the walls without creating biological imbalances to any form of life: the CE certification guarantees it.

The device is used to solve the phenomenon of capillary rising damp aimed at the recovery of existing buildings, restoration, without resorting to the use of chemical additives, electromagnetic waves, electricity or building work.